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Air balance technicians are typically one of the last service providers on a project. If the project is large or behind schedule a qualified team that can deliver a quality report in a short period of time is invaluable.

Palmetto employs the second largest number of certified Test and Balance professionals in the US and has served on some of the largest projects in the SouthEast. Hospitals, universities, and industrial clients know the results on the final Test and Balance Report are only as good as the professionals that record the measurements and that is why they choose Palmetto. We stand behind our work and offer a performance guarantee on every job. Our Palmetto Advantage and streamlined process gives us the ability to deliver a report within 3 business days.

The biggest advantage we offer every client is a caring attitude. Our technicians, project managers, and operations managers live, work, and serve in the community. Local offices have raised money for charities, held school supply drives, and volunteered. If our kids get sick, we take them to buildings we have balanced. We care about our work and we care about the community that benefits from our services.


our services

What Palmetto Has to Offer


  • Certified Test, Adjust, and Total System Balance
  • Medical Critical Space temperature, pressure and Air Change Testing
  • Duct/System Air Leakage Testing
  • Pre-design testing of existing HVAC systems
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Kitchen Ventilation Systems Testing
  • Sound Level Testing
  • Stairwell Pressurization Testing
  • Ultrasonic Flow Testing
  • HVAC Performance Testing
  • Preconstruction Review of HVAC for phased projects
  • Fire/Smoke Damper Testing
  • Smoke Evacuation Testing
  • Cleanroom Testing
  • Laboratory Testing
  • Fume Hood Testing

Commissioning Services

  • We recommend and work directly with our sister company Commissioning Consultants to streamline necessary building commissioning services in addition to testing a balancing work. For specific Commissioning requests please visit: www.cxconsultants.com


  • AABC
  • LEED
Palmetto Services
Palmetto offers visibilty into the quality of the job before the job is complete

for owners & general contractors

We offer visibility into the quality of the work being done before the job is complete.

When is the best time to save money on a construction project? Before the ground is broken! We work directly with owners and general contractors to review the pre-project specifications, drawings, and phasing to find errors or discrepancies in the plan to lower the cost of rework on the project.

During the construction or renovation phase we offer progress reports to the owner or general contractor that show installation and operation status. The earlier in the project we discover these issues, the sooner they can be addressed and resolved with the engineer and mechanical contractor without causing a schedule delay.

Our certified professionals need no supervision and we provide an in-house project manager to ensure our clients stay up-to-date with daily project communication.

We value relationships with owners and general contractors who value high quality work and appreciate valuable insights. If you are an owner, operator, or general contractor and would like to set up an appointment to learn more or meet with our sales team please contact us.

Palmetto offers valuable insights and an experienced team that can handle a project of any size

for mechanical contractors & engineers

Offering valuable insights and an experienced team that can handle a project of any size.

Many construction projects may run into schedule delays which increase the pressure at the end of the project. Mechanical contractors need a team they can count on to finish the test and balancing of a job under pressure.

Palmetto offers mechanical contractors one of the largest and most experienced air balancing teams in the United States. We have the resources necessary to finish a project with tight deadlines. We believe we are part of the mechanical team and not an adversary of the mechanical contractor.

We offer engineers and mechanical contractors the ability to gather data, before during, and after using our progress reports. Our field data and report generating system gives us the ability to be able to review, certify and send the final report 3 business days after our technicians complete the project.

We value relationships with engineers and mechanical contractors who value high-quality work and appreciate valuable insights. If you are an engineer or a mechanical contractor and would like to set up an appointment to learn more or meet with our sales team, please contact us.

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